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Social Responsibility and Character Building



The program will present a multifaceted curriculum designed to assist and ease the transition of youth,
ages 10 – 18, from childhood to early adulthood. The program will consist of educational workshops that
address conflict resolution, peer pressure, decision making, choices, anger and aggression management,
crime prevention, drug abuse prevention and refusal skills training consistent with a value base social conforming
curriculum. The program is designed to uplift positive social behavior, improve decision making
skills, build refusal skills and, thereby, ease the transition of participating youth from childhood to early
adulthood. Each session will be approximately one (1) to two (2) hours in length, and eight (8) sessions
per quarter. Males and females will be served in separate program components.

L. Stoney Ferrell

Program Coordinator

Wash Anderson

Program Coordinator

Youth Crime Prevention


The Tallahassee Urban League is committed to the idea that prevention and intervention during critical
time in a youth’s life will provide a stronger foundation to achieve a better quality of life. The Youth Crime
Prevention Program provides services and programs in the following areas: Employability Skills Training,
Parenting Skills Training, Tutoring, First Time Offender Programs, At-Risk Youth Programs, Dropout
Prevention, Teen Summits and Community Bridge Building Workshops.

Black on Black Crime Prevention


The Florida Consortium of Urban Leagues’ Black on Black Crime Prevention Program was created to
motivate blacks to support, promote, participate and educate their communities on crime prevention. The
program focuses on the effects of black on black crime in black communities.


  • "Doing the Right Thing" Youth Gang Resistance Workshop Call 850 222 6111 for more information to sign your child up for 6-part workshop

  • "Stranger Danger!" School and Personal Safety Workshop. Call 850 222 6111 to bring this program to your school.

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